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Behind the scenes at Bowes Dermatology by Riverchase in Miami during production of CoolSculpting video and photo shoot.
Backstage Photo As Coolsculpting Specialists Prepare for the New Photoshoot For Riverchase Dermatology
Behind the scenes during CoolSculpting video production with Leyda Elizabeth Bowes, M.D., P.A. and Dieter Manstein, M.D., Ph.D.
Behind the scenes of the Coolsculpting specialists preparing for the photo session.
Corporate Video Production for Riverchase Dermatology
Behind The Scene During Mohs Surgery Post Op Video Production For Riverchase Dermatology
Behind The Scenes During Photo Session of Providers and Staff at Sunset Dermatology in South Miami.
It was a great performance by Nichole Corr-Harris, Licensed Esthetician during filming the interview section of the new Hydrafacial educational video for Riverchase Dermatology in Fort Myers, FL.
Behind The Scenes of Laser Hair Removal Educational Video for Sunset Dermatology by Jannel Pichardo, PA-C.
Behind the Scenes of Dr. Stacy Chimento During Filming of the PicoWay Laser Educational Video at Diane Walder Dermatology by Riverchase.
Great performance by Dr. Lucy Chen while filming the interview scene for the new AquaGold educational video at Diane Walder Dermatology by Riverchase in Bay Harbor Islands, FL.
Behind the Scenes During The Aquagold Educational Video Production at Diane Walder Dermatology by Riverchase.
Behind the scene for photo shoot at Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, FL for The Chiropractic Night of The Round Table.
Our experienced video production staff makes sure that the new tutorial video for Sunset Dermatology will meet what our client has envisioned and will be delivered with the highest quality that has always characterized us.
It was an outstanding performance by Diana Amaral, LE at Sunset Dermatology during the production of the HydraFacial educational video in South Miami.
Outstanding results achieved after performing Neograft® hair restoration procedure at Bowes Dermatology by Riverchase in Miami.
We are proud of delivering a successful personalized new website that is centered on National Orthopedics’ patient-focused vision.
A scene during our photo session for dermatologist providers at Sunset Dermatology.
Behind the scenes image of our on site photo shoot for dermatologists and staff memebers at Sunset Dermatology in South Miami, FL.
It’s a wrap! Mission accomplished successfully. BOTOX®, Dysport® and Xeomin® educational video.
Making cinematography video in a fun way.  Dr. Annie Gonzalez during interview for Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® educational video production.
Dr. Annie Gonzalez in action during the filming of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin educational video filming.
A cinematography production for your videos!  Dr. Annie Gonzalez final touchup for new Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® educational video.
It’s a wrap! Turning Sunset Dermatology CoolScuplting educational video idea into a reality was a success.
As videos are becoming the most powerful marketing tool, Redmonkie®​ is excited to be producing the upcoming CoolSculpting educational video for Sunset Dermatology​ in South Miami.
Great performance of Natalie Diane Suarez during the new educational video filming about Micro-Needling for Sunset Dermatology in Miami.
Monica Ponce, Certified Physician Assistant at Sunset Dermatology, during the filming of the new Sclerotherapy educational video been produced by Redmonkie® in South Miami.
Providers and staff meeting scene during the filming of the promotional video.
Room setup for the filming of the promotional video at Sunset Dermatology in South Miami.
Patient & provider scene photo while performing for the new promotional video at Sunset Dermatology.
Redmonkie® staff with provider and talent quick meeting before starting filming one of the scenes on the new promotional video for Sunset Dermatology.
Behind the scene photo of the surgery room while performing for the promotional video at Sunset Dermatology in Miami.
Sunset Dermatology promotional video filming day scene setup photo.
Monica Ponce, PA-C, certified physician assistant at Sunset Dermatology performing during the promotional video production.
Behind the scenes photo of Dr. Ileana Perez-Quintairos during the interview filming for Sunset Dermatology new promotional video.
Photo of interview set during promotional video production at Sunset Dermatology in South Florida.
Behind the scenes photo during filming of the testimonial video of Dr. Bowes for Riverchase Dermatology in Miami, FL.
Behind the scenes photo as Dr. Leyda Bowes gets ready to start the filming for her testimonial video.
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